Panther 9100

Panther 9100
Rear panel of Panther 9100 Panther 9100 Panther 9100 Receiver with two High Speed Microwave Sources and Distributed Frequency Converter


Model: NSI-RF-9100

The Panther 9100 High-Speed Receiver is designed for high performance antenna testing where speed and accuracy are required. This two-channel system collects multi-port, multi-frequency data at 2 Million (2,000,000) measurements per second, while freeing the measurement application software from stringent timing requirements.

The Panther 9100 Receiver is capable of high-speed pulsed measurements of < 1 µs while improving on the high-performance specifications of the Panther 6000. The Panther 9100 Receiver includes a front panel LED "Phi" display capable of simultaneously showing amplitude, phase and beam state.

  • Features

    • High speed digital measurement receiver
    • Reduces antenna test time - improves range productivity
    • 2 Million (2,000,000) multi-beam measurements per second
    • Frequency coverage from 5 MHz to 110 GHz with appropriate frequency converter
    • Pulse measurements down to less than 1 µs pulse width
    • Supports pulse profiling
    • Supports a wide variety of RF sources from NSI-MI, Keysight, and others
    • Supports multi-port switching, synchronization, and pulse mode options
    • Simple DLL interface allows integration into automated test programs
    • Digital interface option for Digital Beam Forming antenna test

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