Integrated Position Controller



Model: ELE-IPC

The modular and flexible architecture is configurable for control of up to 8 axes. The architecture allows an increased connectivity to a wider variety of positioning equipment. NSI-MI's Integrated Position Controller (ELE-IPC) is based on a modular chassis to accommodate multiple functions in one box. Previous position control technologies centered on a control unit that managed the position feedback loops and drove a separate power amplifier unit (PAU) which ultimately provided motion control. The ELE-IPC is a single box solution needed for complex control functions and offers local or remote control. Position Control functions are accessible from full scale system implementations managed by a host computer system. Ethernet connectivity is used to connect to the host workstation or an optional touchscreen display. An optional hand-held local control unit may be used to provide operator control near the final positioner. A Virtual Control Panel (VCP) can run on any Windows-based local control device or rack mounted front panel.

  • Features

    • Modes of operation include Position, Velocity, Torque and Incremental Motion Control
    • Scalable architecture for control of up to 8 axes with up to 8 stored profiles per axis
    • Virtual Axes Provide Coordinated Motion per Mathematically Defined Relationships
    • Supports High Accuracy Incremental and Absolute Position Feedback Sensors
    • Positioner Accuracy Enhancement Corrects for Repeatable Systemic Errors
    • Provides measurement triggering of other instruments based on position. Captures position data responding to external triggers
    • Integrated Controller and Power Amplifier functionality for “one box” configuration minimizing hardware and cabling

    A user programmable position trigger output is provided to initiate measurements at specific locations. This trigger is used in many microwave test systems to initiate an entire sequence of measurements. These position signals are especially powerful when combined with the Network Acquisition Controller (ELE-NAC) or the MI-750 Advanced Digital Receiver.

    Integrated Position Controller Diagram

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